Dog Slaughter House

A group of butchers are slaughtering the dog to get meat in a dog slaughter house on March 24th, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The meat from the dog will be sold to the people. They cook it into tongseng (Indonesian Food). They believe that consuming it can make them regain health and strength. (Sigid Kurniawan)

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17 thoughts on “Dog Slaughter House

    • suwun pak bos, aku yo sakjane ra tegel, tapi yo saya harus mengatakan bahwa ini ada diantara masyarakat kita dan terjadi sampai sekarang, saya tak tahu apa yang mereka pikirkan. Jika ditanya kepada mereka pasti jawabannya ruwet, hahaah

  1. All i want to say is the is absolutley INHUMANE if i have ever come across inhumanity!! What the heck!!!!! Why not eat something NORMAL like a freaking chicken that was raised to be slaughtered!!! This is outrageous and these dogs are MAN COMPANIONS NOT FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i was in power let me tell you ALL These WEIRD Countries yes i said it WEIRD countries that eat things that are so out of the norm would be thrown in a pit to STARVE!!!!! The dogs can eat off you!

    • There are many friend that have comment like you. They said it is inhumane, fuck, something like that. I just want to talk it happen in many place in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia. I dont know what the consumer (of the dog meat)think. They look like dont have guilt.

      Sigid Kurniawan

  2. Hi, I am actually a student from Madagascar who is studying in the city of Jogjakarta INDONESIA. I ‘d like to say to you Amy that I agree totally with you about the cruel way they kill the dog in the photos.However I totally disagree when you say to one continent such as Asia that they eat weird things like Dogs and snakes but they should eat Chicken,it’s just about cultural differences and Habits. We don’t eat those strange things in my country as well, i WILL NEVER EAT DOG MEAT, but it is quite normal in here! it is a different society, not a weird countries. Weird is relative to the society where you live 😉 so inform them, teach them, don’t just give first opinion, thanks.

  3. Sorry, I don’t consume anything that contains animals. I live on vegetables & soy & canvas shoes. So I don’t agree on any kind of meat consumption, whether it’s dog, cat, cow, sheep, chicken, fish, octopus, squirrel, orangutan, birds, macaque, etc.
    You’ve done a great job to reveal the cruel truth of what happens behind the wall of dog meat slaughter houses. Can we meet & talk about further step to end dog meat industry? I work at Animal Friends Jogja [AFJ].

    • Why not? but you know that the butcher like them maybe dont care about that. Because it is their job to get earn/money to live. And maybe can make something like misunderstanding between you and them. You should approach and make a good communicate with them.

      Sigid Kurniawan

      • Cool, let’s meet then! It’s important to educate potential consumers to be aware of what they consume. When it comes to economical reasons, there are demand & supplier. When there’s little or no demand, the supply will stop. The clear images you took are great to be used in educating the public to be responsible of what they consume, some might change their mind, while others might turn their back or ignore those cruel facts.

    • Someday I show this story photo to my friend. She like consume it. And she has a dog too. After I show my photo to her. Now, she doesnt want to eat it again. And I think this is a strenght of photography especially story photo like this.

  4. I’m torn between saying great imagery and awful subject. In reading some other comments here though I do realize that the customs in countries “foreign” to our own homes are sometimes hard to understand. I personally would hope to never eat dog meat, but I’m traveling in the Philippines for the past several weeks and I know that it is eaten here. Pig intestines are eaten in the U.S. and I wouldn’t eat them either…
    I also know that the world is running out of “food”, so I can only say never say never would eat….
    I like your blog tagline – we all need to learn to see and feel, and not judge..

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