Grebeg is one form of the existing tradition in Javanese society. In Yogyakarta, known as areas that still upholds the traditions and culture of Java, Grebeg has become an annual agenda of its own in the life of society. The main purpose Grebeg namely as a form of gratitude to God Almighty for what He has been given to us.

Grebeg only held three times a year. First, when the Mawlid of Prophet Muhammad SAW as the end of the party of the people, Sekaten, called Grebeg Mulud. Secondly when entering Shawwal, referred to as Grebeg Ramadhan. And third, on 10 Dhu al-Hijjah, or the Big 10, which is known as Grebeg Besar. Arak Grebeg procession in this case usually starts from Grebeg Syawal Yogyakarta palace yard toward the plaza north and ends on page Masjid Gede Yogyakarta. In Grebeg there is something peculiar, namely the mountains. The mountain can contain the results of the earth, food, and so forth. Entering the front of the mosque is big, the mountains and then prayed. Once completed, it is awaited by society ‘arrived. Ie, scramble the contents of these mountains, in Javanese term that is “ngalap berkah” which more or less in the Indonesian language means getting / looking for blessed.

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For certain people, the Javanese in particular, if we can reach / get the contents of the mountains are so supposedly we will get blessed. So normal that in every process “ngalap berkah” each person were all fighting to get the content in these mountains.

In 2011, Maulud Grebeg held on February 20. hundred of people crowded the route of the procession Grebeg Maulud. Both local and foreign tourists or the people of Yogyakarta itself. And the show presents something Grebeg always interesting to be seen and interpreted. That we as a people, need to be grateful that God has given us.


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