Reog Traditional Dance from Java

Reog is an Indonesia traditional art from Java Island. There are many kinds of Reog, the most popular in Indonesia is Reog Ponorogo and Reog Mahabarata Story. Reog Ponorogo can be found in East Java, and Reog Mahabharata can be found in Central Java and Yogyakarta.

Reog Mahabharata is different from Reog Ponorogo. Reog Ponorogo tells the story about a local legend, but Reog Mahabarata tells about the Mahabarata Story, especially the war between Pandava and Kaurava. Pandava is a symbol of the goodness, and the Kaurava is a symbol of the evil.

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The good sides are Harjuna, Bhima, Yudhistira, GatotKaca, Nakula, Sahadeva, Hanoman etc. The Evil side is Cakil, Shakuni, Dhoryudhana, Ravana, etc.

Reog is traditional art that has magic power and sometimes the dancer will become possessed. They’ll eat Sajen (something that has magic power) such as plants, flowers, chicken, grass, etc. And they will be cured by the shaman.

Photo and text : Sigid Kurniawan


other link : Reog, Hiburan di tengah HImpitan Zaman


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