Indonesia Different Ability Worker

Mandiri Craft is one of the famous toy manufacturing industry at Bantul. It is located on Parangtritis Street KM 6,5 Cabean Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Its produts have been exported to European countries, especially Australia, Germany and also to the Asian region countries.There is a special part from this business, that is its background.

The background is so unique, for example when we see the workers, we will be surprised by the clasification of them. They are clasified by ‘difable’ (different ability people) community. Most of them are suffering since they gave birth, but some of them are caused by an accident and natural disaster (Yogyakarta, earthquake May 27, 2006). The earthquake caused many people death and injured. They, who still alive are suffering from disabilities, such as do not have legs and they have to use buffer to support their body. And the only thing that can be used to work is just their hands.Although they have disabilities that makes their work are so limited, they want to show to us that disabilitis does not change their spirit to be a hard-worker. Their identity shows their self-confidence and it does not mean that they can not help each other. In contrast, their spirit make them so strong, strong and strong.

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Photo and text : Sigid Kurniawan


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